Cats of The moons fall is a group in Deviantart based on the books "Warrior Cats" from Erin Hunter.

Group's first generation Edit

On its early days, Cats of the Moonfall centered all its attention on Ashstar's way up to the power. The tom, eager for power murdered uncountable amounts of cats and left pregnant even more cats.

One of his daughters, Larkeyes, knew that his father wasn't anywhere near good and always tried to fight his evil ideas.

When Ashstar got to the leader position, in Cavernclan he started to talk to the cats of Breezeclan, eventually, they merged both clans into the powerful Clan of Cavern Breezes and invited the other two clans, (Mapleclan and Reedclan) to join them.

Both clans ended up becoming part of the Clan of Cavern Breezes, but not everyone was happy with this, cats started running away and becoming rouges, but it only angered Ashstar even more. Patrols started to be sent to kill the "Traitors"

----- Edit

With more and more cats falling dead, a silent illness started to grow. It infected the cats quietly, they hardly noticed it at first, but lives started to end, the younger and weaker kits died in less than a night, warriors felt dizzy at the start of the day and by a weak, they were found dead.

The cats that didn't die or staid strong ran away from the territory. Especially when Ashstar was found dead in his den.

The clan, scared and angry divided back into the four clans. New leaders were chosen and the warriors hopped for better times to come, but this was in vain. The illness was at its peak, and slowly, the new leaders felt as well. Only one seemed to be untouched by it.

Group's second generation Edit