Bluewish is a blue pointed tom with matching blue eyes.

History: Edit

Kit: Edit

Bluekit was born to Tigerfoot and Frostfang in good weather. Both of his parents loved him untill they both had a fight. Since then, Tigerfoot blames Bluekit for the fight. Frostfang and Adderfang, Bluekit's sibling, loved Bluekit and would always cheer him up if Tiger was mean to him. He didn't care if his clan mates, or his mom, were mean to him. At the age of 5 moons, Adderfang became a warrior, before telling his little brother that he was leaving the clan because of his crush on a Loner. The day after, Adderfang left for the loner life. Their father was saddened form Adderfang's departure, causing him to grow rather distant. This is believed to contribute to Bluewish's quiet demeanor.

Apprentice: Edit

Bluekit was made an apprentice at the age of 6 moons, becoming Bluepaw. He tried his best to become a perfect warrior, although he was little sad knowing his sister wont see him become a warrior. He kept training for days with his mentor usually practicing on hunting and fighting.

Warrior: Edit

At the age of 15 moons Bluepaw became a warrior and got his name changed into 'Bluewish', for his 'wish' that his older sister would, some day, see him as a warrior. For now he looks to make new friends, train, and maybe one day find a mate.