Breezeclan is a group of cats who live in the open fields and are known for their long legs, and swift style of hunting.

Cats Edit

The cats of Breezeclan are tall, long legged cats often with short fur and streamline bodies.

Cats from this clan hold the stereotype of being very proud, somewhat snobbish cats who can look down upon the other clans. This stereotype can hold true in cases as Breezeclan cats are often very beautiful visually due to their build, and are taught to speak their mind and not hold back.

Territory Edit

The Breezeclan territory is made up of open fields that are very rarely broken by foliage and shrubs.

Breezeclan Camp - The breezeclan camp can be found in a large dip in the open fields. It is surrounded by thick grass that grows taller than any cat height.

Tall Walker Place - A farm resides on the Breezeclan territory, and is often a good source of prey in leafbare where the cats can catch rats and mice, as well as the odd hen in times of desperation.

Mapleclan border - Breezeclan territory borders the Mapleclan forest, and the border like is drawn where the forest gets thick.

Reedclan border - Breezeclan territory borders the Reedclan river. This line is often a battle ground between Breezeclan and Reedclan in the greenleaf season due to the hot weather and little water resources in Breezelcan territory.

Herb pool - An area found between the river and the Tall Walker Place The Herb Pool is a large dip in the ground that is full of different plants, including catmint. Medicine cats are careful in this area, as despite being full of resources the air holds a thick, almost sickly scent.

Prey Edit

Rabbits/Hares - The main prey source for the Breezeclan cats are rabbits and Hares, their long limbs allowing them to give chase easily to the fast prey.

Mice - Field mice are common in this territory, and are a good snack prey, or prey for kits.

Rats - Rats are plentiful around the Tall Walker Place, and so the Breezeclan cats take advantage of this.

Hens/chicks - In times of desperation and Leafbare, Breezeclan cats sometimes try their luck in the Tall Walker place trying to catch Hens and Chicks.

Myths/Legends Edit

Breezeclan cats have their own myths and legends that differ from the other clans.

Forest ghosts - An old kit tale is that Mapleclan cats are actually ghosts, because they disappear into the forest easily. Some cats tell this story that Mapleclan cats are actually the living bodies of Dark Forest cats, but this tale is used rarely and only to scare misbehaving kits.