The clans of Cats of the Moonfall are similar to the clans of the original series of Erin Hunter, but the names and the place of the territories are different, as well as the story of said places.

In this group, the clans are: Cavernclan, Breezeclan, Mapleclan and Reedclan. That are the equals of Shadowclan, Windclan, Thunderclan and Riverclan from the original franchise.

This cats live in an area where humans (Two-legs) are rarely seen, so they don't know about kittypets. Non the less, kilometers away from them, there do are two-legs and kittypets, the Street Cat Organization is around this said place. In the other side of the mountains of the cats of the moonfall, a group of cats made it's own territory, but it's almost unkown to them.

The group is held on Deviantart, where everyone is free to join the clan they wish, unlessit'sclosedbecausetherearetoomuchcatsinonlyoneclan!!

Wiki is used to keep track of the ocs and some information of the members.