Creamstrike is a thin framed, brown and cream tom with jungle colored eyes.



He was born into a litter of six. He was well respected and looked up to amungst his littermates. He was unusually intelligent in comparison to other cats. When he became an apprentice, he everything changed for him.


He was often ignored and left behind, this made his speech became very short and he began to confide in himself. He trusted only his sister, Mistypaw, whom he hung out around most of the time. He was also left behind/out of a lot of group activities, ending up as a sort of underdog. He never spoke up for himself, and he had little self-esteem.


Once he became a warrior, others started to recognize his fast mind and claw. He was often asked for opinion in battle plans, despite his young age. He started to open up with the help of Weaslekit. He still heavily relied on his sister, although they have opposing ideals. This lead to a falling out between them. Creamstrike had a bad feeling about the leader, Ashstar, and did not like to stick around him much. Creamstrike, one day, decided to tell Mistyfang that he was planning to leave the clan, but he found Mistyfang after she had killed another cat. Creamstrike begged her to understand that killing other cats was wrong, showing all of his emotions, breaking his carefully crafted shell at that moment. However, it was too late and Mistyfang snapped after Creamstrike told her, "What would mother and father think? What about Starclan?" She slashed open his throat and his dying words brought the end of his life. "I am not angry at you, I am angry at myself for forgiving you."


As the new prophecy starts to make it's appearance, Creamstrike will find himself with a paw in it.