Duskgaze is a dark grey, flecked tom, with bright amber eyes.



Being born into a litter of three he gets along pretty well with his brother and sister. He goes on lots of walks with dad when he can or goes and bugs grandpa (Ashstar) and grandma (Fireflight) with his questions. After Otterslash left, Duskkit became kind of clingy to his grandparents. He is an over achiever, feeling like his grandparents might leave if he doesn't become something great. He also found Quailkit, who he thinks will be rather interesting to bother the older he gets.


He's working to become a defender from Buzzardjaw. However, the clan broke apart after Ashstar's sudden death. When the clans split, Duskpaw decided that his family wasn't going to hurt him anymore, and followed his mentor Buzzardjaw to MapleClan. They kept training, then his mentor became Buzzardstar. Part of Duskpaw was happy for Buzzardstar, but the other part was scared that he would leave him, just like every cat he knew and cared for had done before.