Fishtail is a lean, grey tom with stripe like patches on his back and green eyes


Fishkit was born to Robinfrost and Nightpuddle. As a young kit he was often told of the cat he was named after, the old deputy Troutjaw. The grey kit was always amazed by the stories and wondered if he could ever live up to the name.  As he grew, he watched as his siblings practiced in fighting, but he was never fond of the playful tussles. He often got concerned, he was to live up to a legacy, and somehow felt he was not meant to be a warrior as he did not enjoy the same activities his siblings did.


Fishpaw was mentored later then his littermates, due to his timid personality, and never seeming quite ready to take that step. However, Robinfrost finally gave him that push, telling him he'd have to do it one day, so there wasn't a point in delaying. Fishpaw was mentored to Featherfoot, a gentle she-cat, the decision made by Amberstar so the gentle mentor could try and coax the timid cat out of his shell. Fishpaw trained where he could, and was often aided by his sister, Willowpaw, even when she became a warrior before him. The tom was at the gathering in which Ashstar announced that he had joined with Brokenstar and formed the Clan of Cavern Breezes, and that he expected an answer from the other clans. Fishpaw was unsure of the news, and went back to camp to share the news with the other apprentices and his litter mates. One evening, whilst walking with his elderly mother, they met Ashstar at the river. He noted the tom was past warrior age, and still had his apprentice name, the leader stated he'd keep an eye on the old apprentice. To try and encourage Fishpaw to talk to cats outside of the old Reedclan, Robinfrost had agreed with an old Mapleclan cat that Fishpaw would help his apprentice to hunt, this is where he met Bunnypaw, who he helped to learn fishing.