Galewing is a brown tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes.

History: Edit

Kit: Edit

Born to Stormstar (Stormfern at the time) and Alderbird. Two of her siblings were stillborn and one died some time later since made her mother give her away to another she-cat as she felt she was not enough to take care of kits of her own. With her father dead and now living with an adoptive mother things were hard but her kithood was average.

Apprentice: Edit

As an apprentice she was determined to be the best warrior as all kits do. At first she didn't have interest in the life of a warrior but her instincts were too strong her passion for fighting for honor took over her and soon she was now a warrior.

Warrior: Edit

Galewing was name in honor of her father and her biological mother was always there to support her. When Ashstar took over the clans she was forced to leave as she was Stormfern's daughter for moons she wondered how the clans were doing and self hatred filled her heart. How could she just leave like a coward? Galewing soon returned but when she did Ashstar had died the clans where four again and peace seemed to cover the clans.