Jaycloud is a ginger tabby tom with lighter chest, belly, and tail and blue eyes.


Jaykit's life was normal living happily in the nursery with his mother. Jakit has always been mama's little boy, he has always been pampered and always got what he wanted. He was always looking up to his mother and always searching for her approval.

Jaykit was never able to meet his father, all the knowledge he had about him is how good of a leader he used to be. He loved to go to larkeye to hear stories of the many battles the clans had, How his father fought , this would make him extremely happy, it made him dream to one day be the strongest and bravest cat ever just like his father and a great guide and a rock for others to lean in just like his mother.

Growing up Jaykit disliked his second mother. He got annoyed by everything she did as she would never be as good as her father. Stormfern would try to cheer him up however his annoyance towards wrenscar only grew and grew and he was right to be suspicious as Stormfern and Wrenscar's relationship would eventually die.