Mintpelt is a broad-shouldered, pale grey and ginger tortoiseshell she-cat with mint green eyes.

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Mintpelt was given her full title at the age of 8 moons when Pinethroat passed away, Only having 2 moons of training, taking the full task over Cavernclan was stressful on the She-cat

She was partly grateful when Breezeclan and Cavernclan merging together because then she would have the added support of Nutbloom She would often seek advice from her, and the medicine cat's at the gatherings.

After one of the gatherings Ravenshade and Her were messing around with catmint causing Mintpelt to start an addiction to it.  During one of the times she was dosed up on Catmint, She saw Icepaw as her longtime crush and Icepaw Sister Hazelpaw suddenly kissing her, she had to admit to her brother Timberwing that she did since he had a crush on Icepaw, but didn't mention it was because she saw Hazelpaw, since Hazelpaw was Timberwing crush as well.
Keeping away from them, she was feeling upset on herself for having feelings for Hazelpaw, she had an overdose of Catmint, The clans based a law that Medicine cats were allowed to find mates, but the thought of the cat she loved being in love with her bother, so she took the overdose amount of catmint. Mintpelt was found in cave where Hazelpaw found her, There, the dazed Mintpelt admitted her feelings for the she-cat, and that she kissed her sister.


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