Patchpelt is a dark grey, spotted tom with a pale chest and forelegs, splashes of dust brown, and deep green eyes.

Life Edit

Kit Edit

Patchkit was born to Silverbreeze and Cedarbranch in Reedclan. He was a jolly and bright kit. But certain day, him mother left with his only sister, Emberkit. The kit felt really sad because his mother wasn't there for his apprentice ceremony.

Apprentice Edit

He became apprentice of Breezeclan, but soon the clan meger with Cavernclan, making Clan of Cavern Breezes. The tom continued his apprenticeship, but unfortunately, the illness attacked, killling an incredible amount of cats.

His father and brother decided that was better to run away, to be safe from the death, but Patchpaw refused. He though that the best thing to do was to keep fighting for his clan.

Warrior Edit

Patchpaw recieved hi warrior name, becoming Patchpelt. the tom continued his warrior duties, swimming up and down in the river, ignoring that all his clanmates were dying in the camp.