Pinethroat is a grey and brown patched tom with patchy fur, forest green eyes and thin scars on his face and throat. Oddly small ears.



  Pinekit was born to a she-cat that the clan didn't favor much. She passed on her short temper to him, and this caused him to be a sore loser. He got frustrated with the other kits' games, and they with him, especially since he lost a lot. During this time he noticed cats talking, saying things about his father being a rouge, saying bad things about his family, and about him, how he could be no good. He turned angry during these times, his heart becoming cold, and he decided to keep to himself, even blocking himself off from his mother.


When apprenticed, he didn't change at all, and wasn't excited like the other kits. His mentor and he fought often, and he was punished quite a bit for refusing to do apprentice duties. This went on for a couple moons before the medicine cat at the time had started borrowing him, and was very patient with him. She was also very kind to him, and even though he didn't show her kindness back, he respected her more than any cat. Pinepaw soon grew to find talent with herbs, and became the medicine cat apprentice. 

Med Cat:

After his mentor died, he continued to be the talented, yet hateful medicine cat he is today. Over many, many moons he did refuse cats that wanted to be medicine cats. Pinethroat wanted no association with them, and stubbornly claimed that he took care of the clan himself for moons, and not needed any extra paws. As time went by, his fur fell out here and there, becoming patchy. He wasn't that old when it happened, either. And now, as he was hinted at nearing his end sooner or later, he is becoming indecisive on taking on an apprentice. Ashpath kept trying to get him to take Mintkit on at the time, and he didn't want to, but after being in a rockslide and saved by Nutbloom, his back legs were crippled, and he knew his time was at it's peak. He asked Mintkit if she had interest, she did, and hoping to lead her in the right path trained her as best he could before Starclan tore him from his body.