Reedclan is a group of cats who live in the marshy terrain around the river. They're known for their thick, water-proof fur and strong swimming abilities.

Cats Edit

The cats of Reedclan are thick furred cats with powerful legs due to their life in the river.

Cat's from this clan are quick-witted and sharp tongued, they will never back down from a fight and will often stand their ground. They are questioned by other clans for their like of water and swimming.

Territory Edit

The Reedclan territory is formed by marsh-land which is completely protected by the river.

Reedclan camp - The camp of Reedclan is surrounded by tall, thick reeds. Many of the dens of the clan are made by interwoven reeds which are often fixed by queens and Elders when they're in camp. The camp is also formed of a red, clay like earth.

Training Area - The only clan with a designated training area. This clearing is made of snapped reeds which creates a touch surface to be stable, as well as painful on delicate paws, this trains Reedclan apprentices to work on all types of surface terrain.

River - The river is what Reedclan are most known for, it is what creates the Moonfall and many cats see this is a spiritual sign.

Breezeclan Border: Breezeclan territory borders the Reedclan river. This line is often a battle ground between Breezeclan and Reedclan in the greenleaf season due to the hot weather and little water resources in Breezelcan territory.

Cavernclan Border: The border of Cavernclan is the other side of the river from Reedclan territory, meaning Reedclan own the river. This usually stops attacks on this front, however, a few important battles have broken out along this bank.

Prey Edit

Fish - The main source of prey for this clan. A variety of native fish are abundant in the river.

Frogs - This prey requires an acquired taste, though plentiful in Newleaf.

Water vole - The only furry prey this clan eats, it is a difference from the usual scaley prey.

Curlew - Prey that is enjoyed only by this clan due to the birds living in the thick reeds by the river bank. Curlew's often try to escape their hunter by going to the river, which does not faze these swimming cats.

Oystercatcher - A rare catch for any cat due to them rarely moving far enough up the river to enter the territories. It is greatly admired by the clan cats when one is caught.

Myths/Legends Edit

Reedclan cats have their own myths and legends that differ from the other clans.

Connection to Starclan - Many cats believe Reedclan are the cats closest to Starclan, due to their river being the source of the Moonfall water. This is further confirmed by their clan founder, Star, being the name sake of Starclan.