Soot's Alliance is a group of cats who formed to oppose the Clan of Cavern Breezes. These cat's reside in the deeper forest beyond the old Mapleclan Border.

Cats Edit

The cats of Soot's Alliance are a mixture of heights and weights.

Little is known about the cats of this clan due to it being an infant clan, currently only consisting of the Leader, Larkeyes and the deputy, Ravenclaw.

Territory Edit

Soot's Alliance own the forest beyond the old Mapleclan border, it is a dense, flora filled territory.

Soot's Alliance Camp - The camp of Soot's Alliance resides beside a small waterfall, no higher than two cats. It's border is well hidden from other cats due to the herb tunnel.

Herb Tunnel - The herb tunnel is a thick wall of herbs and flowers that resides at the bottom of a steep slope. It's scent is heavy and sickly and can make cat's light headed due to the strong smelling plants that reside within it, including catmint.

Little Stream - The little stream is the far edge border of Soot's Alliance territory. It is a small stream that runs over rocks and connects to the same source as the small waterfall in Soot's Alliance camp.

Fox Place - Little is known about this place, but the founding cats were confronted with a fox in this area, and so avoid this area of territory.

Prey Edit

Mice - Mice are harder to catch in the leafy territory, but provide good additions to the fresh kill pile.

Squirrels - Common prey in the trees, Squirrels have a tough fur to get through, and are often disliked by kits.

Woodpecker - In the denser forest of Soot's Alliance territory, woodpeckers can be found hunting for small creatures residing in the tree bark.

small forest birds - A variety of birds live in the forest, and are easy kills for the cats trained for the forest conditions.

Myths/Legends Edit

Soot's Alliance cats have their own myths and legends that differ from the other clans.

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