The Street cat Organization is a group of street cats united by the need to survive the dogs and bad humans that poisoned the wild animals of the streets.

Story Edit

The story of the organization started when Thunderstar (Thunder at the time) came into the streets and meet William. The friendly street cat helped Thunder to get used to the life in the city and eventually became friends and the white cat joined the group of friends, meeting Maxine, Georgia and Samuel.

With more and more danger incoming for the street cats, the five friends decided to organize themselves to make sure every cat will live, happy and in peace.

Thunder's knowledge of the clans and Williams charm the group soon became strong and numerous. Thunder started teaching cats how to fight. Maxie and Georgia showed the best hunting spots and Samuel and William mixed skills such as charm to make the two-legs give them food.

The groups of cats divided in the day, night an mixed roll cats. So the cats knew their shifts, which changed depending on the needs of the cats and the organization.

At a certain point, the danger was so great that cats started to die, Thunder received a message from Starclan and he tried to save the street cats. Maxine and Samuel refused to the idea, but Georgia didn't want to left the tom with no help. The organization then followed Thunder to new streets where it seemed to be safer.

The bigger part of the organization stuck to the reminding headmasters, and only a few cats followed Thunder in the search of the chosen cat to save the clans where he was from.