Thunderpaw is a white tom with black ears, tail end, muzzle and bright, electric yellow eyes.

Life Edit

Kit Edit

Thunderkit was born in Mapleclan to Mallowpelt and an unknown father by him and his siblings.

The white kit was barely seen playing with his siblings, not because they didn't invite him to, but because he decided not to play. Was more common to see him sitting by the nursery entrance, looking at the other or with the elders, hearing their tales over and over.

One of the few cats that got to spend time playing with the kit was the -at the time- apprentice Larkpaw and -at the time leader- Flamestar.

Around the age of 3 moons, Mallowpelt was found dead by the border with deep fight wounds. Alongside with Mistykit, his sister they mourned the night by her corpse and promised each other to take revenge for the cat that killed her. He doesn't remember much about his mother, but he sure misses her.

A queen, friend of Mallowpelt told the white kit that his mother died because a cat was willing to harm his mother's kits. This was how he grew up thinking of the accident and only helped his will of making justice in his mother's name.

Thunderkit, now without a mother, was curious to know who his father was and constantly sought for answers in the older cats that knew the identity of his father but when asked, no one replied with a name. The only clue that he got as a kit was from the former leader; Flamestar, who told the kit that his father was no good cat.

Apprentice Edit

When the time came, he was called to get his apprentice name, a chill ran over his pelt as a starry figure looked over him from the side. No other cat but him and his siblings were able to see the faded figure that is believed, was their mother coming from Starclan to be in their ceremony

Certain day, with no previous advise, Flamestar introduced a warrior from Cavern clan. Around this time, Ashstar merged the Breeze and Cavern clan to make a massive clan called Clan of the Cavern Breezes.

Alongside with Larkeyes, in an evening they went to a small walk and talk, in where Thunderpaw discovered that he was a half-brother of Larkeyes, sharing a father; Ashstar. They were around the border with Cavern Breezes when a young tabby calico came crying to them, willing to talk to Stormfern. This she-cat was Wrenscar, who said that was an emergency. But the access to the territory was denied.

Thunderpaw questioned silently and started making numbers about the new member of Mapleclan as the gray she-cat moved to the nursery. The apprentice started to make different scenes of why was the warrior allowed to join so easily.

The night that the body of Flamestar was found Thunderpaw found himself having a hard time getting to sleep and the next few days he went walking around the territory to relax.

The clan was left alone with no leader and no former deputy, but it made it's way to the gathering, in where was decided the union of all the clans.

One windy and cold day his sister Mistypaw made him some company in another of his lonely patrols, which started to be part of his routine. As the siblings were hunting, Tunderpaw heard a branch cracking, it was on top of Mistypaw and about to fall. The tom, being bigger than the she-cat pushed her aside as the branch fell on his back.

Thunderpaw was taken to Cavern camp to be taken care of his wounds. For this reason, his warrior ceremony was held back until he recovered. His siblings did get their warrior names as his father's health started to fall. For an unknown reason, without a full recovery, Thunderpaw walked out the forest.

Loner Edit

Thunderpaw went on walking, slowly through the mountain. He walked for moons until he got to a two-legs area. In there the two-legs were kind and from time to time gave him meat, cat food, water or milk. But even if the two-legs were kind with him and the other street cats, he never let anyone adopt or take full care of him.

The apprentice started to think of himself as a non-clan cat as moons passed, eventually, he changed his name formally to Thunder.

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