Thymewhisker is a small dusty brown she-cat with lighter paws, chest and muzzle, and lime green eyes.

History Edit

Kit Edit

-Thymekit and Ryekit were born to Sootrunner of BreezeClan and a rouge named Hazelpad.

-Sootrunner adopted Nutkit

-Hazelpad convinced her to leave the clans and become a kittypet like him

-Was named Mimsy by her owners

-Missed her family and clan badly enough to return to her clan three moons later

-Settled back into clan life and spent the rest of her kithood playing around with the other kits

Apprentice: Edit

-Thymepaw became an apprentice with her siblings Ryepaw and Nutpaw, with Kestrelfeather as her mentor.

-Became more responsible as time went by.

-Started daydreaming about being clan leader one day.

-Became close to some of the kits, hoping she'd get to mentor one of them when they were older.

-Watched her friend Beetlekit die of illness, and was horrified.

-Befriended Otterpaw, and formed a crush on him.

-After an argument with Otterpaw, they confessed they had feelings for each other and became mates.