Wrenscar is a tortoiseshell and white she-cat with green eyes and a long scar across her face.

Life Edit

Kit Edit

Wrenkit was born with no sibling, she was a happy and jolly she-cat without any wonder of harming others. She got distracted really often and enjoyed to play with leafs. As a kit she didn't had a lot of friends of her age. As the molly grew up she started to talk with warriors, wondering of who will be her mentor then she meet Stormfern, they talked of Wrenkit's future and Stormfern decided that she was going to be her mentor.

  Wrenkit was 6 moons old and no one nottice she was old enough to become apprentice she she went for her own in an adventure, she got her scar trying to fight a predator, Stormfern found her just on time to save her.

Apprentice Edit

Wrenpaw was named apprentice when she was 6.5 moons old. As she was wondering, Storm fern became her mentor.

The she-cats were different one from the other, Storm fern was shy and unsure of what she did, Wrenpaw in contrast was jolly and confident of her duties. 

One time when her mentor was showing Wrenpaw the best parts of her territory the apprentice got bored, she saw a bird and hunt it while her mentor continued talking to the nothing.

Wrenpaw warrior naming was just around the corner when Stormfern left Caverncaln, Wrenpaw was sad because her to-be mate left her alone whithout telling her. 

Soon she discover that Stormfern was in Mapleclan

Warrior Edit

As soon as Wrenscar got her warrior name she rushed to go to Mapleclan wondering to talk with Storm fern. But two cats, a warrior and an apprentice; Larkeyes and Thunderpaw didn't let her get into their territory. Mostly because the Mapleclan leader, Flamestar recently died after this he accepted Stormfern in his clan (she never proved herself, some of her clanmates didn't trusted her) and her leader, Ashstar was trying to fuse the clans.

The young warrior had her heart broken, she was confused, hesitating of Stormfern's love. They never had the opotunity of meet in some time.

Ashstar finally convinced the four clans to become one, called Clan of Cavern Breezes. The she-cat went directly to the old Mapleclan camp to found that Stormfern  was a queen, mother of Gustkit, Jaykit and Emberkit. The father of the kits was Flamestar. 

Wrenscar forgive her and decided to love the new born as hers. As her mate looked happy like a qeen she hurried to found a donator for her own litter. It didn't took long, her best friend, Ravenshade had a tom in mind, Whitestorm.

Queen Edit